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We Made it Through the Rain

July 12, 2009

The entire month of June was a wash, but the rain has finally cleared. We have had two sunny days in a row! The lack of sun left things looking a little short.

finally, some sun!

finally, some sun!

Last weekend I managed to get out there and inspect things, and thankfully I don’t have any real problems: slugs (well, maybe, but I haven’t caught them yet), late blight, etc.

Now, a week later, things are really taking off. I noticed that my corn is only a little bit shorter than the what the farmer down the road has (sweet!), and there are tomato fruits forming. All is not lost–except for all my June flowers.



Morning dew on broccoli

Morning dew on broccoli

This is my favorite time of year: this is when the garden is self-sufficient. I don’t have to weed, the roots are deep enough that they don’t need constant watering, and only occasionally I have to train a vine or tie a stem. Yay!

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