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Rain, rain, rain…

June 12, 2009

It’s been raining for what seems like forever. Day after day, it’s rain, clouds, and mild temperatures. Certainly nothing that’s helping anything but the lettuce.

Today I found a moment to get the watermelons in the ground.

Baby watermelons, waiting for sunshine

Baby watermelons, waiting to grow

I planted twelve (!) seeds, and had 100 percent success. I put six in the ground, using the space next to the actual Farm–the one where I had the grass clippings matted as mulch. I think I’ll take the rest of the seedlings to work and offer them as gifts to my fellow gardeners.

I also took time to risk translplanting the renegade pumpkin that sprouted earlier than planned. Last year I learned a lot about how much room pumpkins really take. Very quickly this one plant has reached across and covered the beans (I had hoped it would go the other way).

Last years pumpkins, sprawling everywhere

Last year's pumpkins, sprawling everywhere

As carefully as I could, I dug out the root ball–much smaller than expected–and lifted the weighty stems and leaves to a new hole in Jacson’s Pumpkin Patch. The leaves are still sagging, and I hope with today’s sunshine, and an extra dose of water, they’ll perk up soon. Or, the plant will die, and I’ll simply plant my seeds in July according to schedule.

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