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Winter CSA

January 29, 2011
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We’re splitting an eight-week winter CSA share from Urban Oaks Organic Farm with our good friends. We discovered the small farm tucked among the tightly wound residential streets of New Britain, and it’s truly an oasis in the city. When I arrived on pickup day, I couldn’t believe I was seeing greenhouses and growing fields between multifamily houses and shops. They’ve been there for 12 years; how could I have missed them?

I’m really glad to have this opportunity. Knowing who is growing my food and that I’m contributing to a cycle of sustainability and local community is really important. If you haven’t heard of CSA’s—community supported agriculture—it’s essentially the purchase of a share of a farm’s harvest. You pay up-front, buy direct from the farm, and usually receive a weekly selection of food. Local Harvest is a great resource for learning more about CSA’s and finding ones near you.

After so many dark weeks, what a joy to peer into the bag and find vibrant winter and salad greens, bright oranges, carrots, beets, fresh herbs, potatoes, onions, and more.

winter CSA


I’ve purchased two CSA shares for 2011: this winter one and a 20-week summer CSA that begins in June. I’m hoping that between these two, plus what I grow, I won’t buy any more produce until next fall. Of course this is a major challenge, especially with a small child who likes bananas, plus special occassions always come up.

Have you purchased a CSA before, or have you been thinking about one? Do you buy a CSA to supplement what you grow?


winter CSA

Excited to see what's in the bag.


Winter CSA

Pears! Yessssss!


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