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December 27, 2010

One of my favorite places for urban and small-space farming inspiration is over at Little Homestead in the City. The Dervaes family has transformed every inch of their urban Pasadena, California tenth of an acre into a micro farm that produces a stunning amount of food. Like three-tons annually, stunning. And beyond the farm, they’ve become outreach educators.

Check out this video recently produced by Lisa Rau for a glimpse into life on the farm.

Check out more at their blog, and spend some time browsing through their photos, facts, stats, online store, and more.

Little Homestead in the City represents the ultimate in self-sustainability and using your land to its fullest potential. I know I’ll never make it to this level, but always fun to check in for tips and inspiration.

Who are some of your most inspiring farmers or gardeners?

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