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Growing Your Own Wheat (part 1)

September 24, 2010

Well, I’ve finally done it. I’ve planted wheat in my own yard. I bought the seeds last year and never got around to it.

I get looks of surprise when I say I’m planting wheat. This is New England; our compact, rocky soil isn’t suited to a crop that demands, well, the kind of soil you find in the midwest. Plus, I have a tiny garden.

Fortunately I discovered a supply of organic hard red winter wheat from Dirtworks, which is grown in Vermont. One pound cost me about $5 (and just as much to ship it).

Wheat berries

I chose a 10’x10′ corner of my garden for this experiment. (I don’t expect a high yield.)

After clearing the whole section of weeds, summer plantings, and debris, I raked it smooth and hand-broadcast approximately 4 oz. of seed. I gently raked it into the soil and watered well.

10x10 wheat patch

This was on September 18. The wheat has yet to sprout, though I’m vigilant about watering. Fortunately the weather these past days has been warm and sunny, and I’m hoping to see green shoots soon.

I’m excited! Wheat is one of several things I have planned for my winter garden (others include radishes, carrots, greens, and a cover crop of hairy vetch), and I can’t wait to bake a loaf of bread and say I MADE that loaf. From seed to plate.

More updates to come as the wheat sprouts and gets established for the winter.

Have you ever grown your own wheat?

ETA: The wheat is up! After less than a week, there are small green shoots.

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  1. September 28, 2010 8:21 pm

    Good luck with the wheat! I planted Rye as a cover crop in my garden this year and it sprouted within 3 days! I don’t know if it will be ready to harvest before it’s time for spring planting though. I plan on using it as green manure.

  2. September 28, 2010 9:08 pm

    I’ll be planting hairy vetch next month as my cover crop, but that will be turned under in the spring. I’d be interested to hear how the rye works out; I’m also interested in cereal crops.

  3. unu permalink
    February 24, 2016 9:40 pm

    I planted wheat in late fall, and I’ll be lucky if I get back the seed that I put in the ground! It looks like all kinds of pests are going after the wheat grass, mostly deer and rabbit. So one needs a fenced in yard for this experiment, or for any kind of gardening, otherwise it is not gonna work!

  4. Donna permalink
    October 17, 2016 3:07 am

    We grow wheat every year with my kindergarten group. Being near Melbourne we plant at the end of April and harvest in December though this year it looks like it may be more like November. We mill the wheat and then make our own bread. The whole concept came from discussion with children about eating their crusts and just how long it actually takes to make a sandwich


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