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What to do With Green Tomatoes

September 3, 2010

I pulled the oldes tomato vines out of the garden to make room for some late season plantings. But there were still lots of green tomatoes left. What to do?

green tomatoes

Make tomato preserves!

I happened across a recipe while flipping through the Blue Book, and thought it sounded different and interesting. Added bonus: Green tomatoes were OK.

All that’s needed is the tomatoes, sugar, lemons, water, whole fresh ginger root, and pickling spices. It took me a day or two to find the pickling spices. Fortunately, I have a Penzey’s nearby.

pickeling spices

While the recipe is incredibly simple, I managed to forget to skin the tomatoes. Since I’m still working with a bounty of cherry tomatoes, this meant trying to wiggle the skins off during the cooking process. I’m sure a few slipped by.

tomato preserves


The concoction is thick, syrupy, and smells like a cozy mulled drink you’d like to be sipping on a fall evening. Maybe these preserve will work well for fall baked treats?

What do you do with your green tomatoes or other unripened garden items?

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