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Baby Steps

June 15, 2010

Today was a great day for getting things done. With only one hour after work, I pounded the bean poles into rows, planted the first round of beans, planted some peas in pots, planted a handful of onions, picked the the last of the arugula (for dinner!), and did a little weeding maintenence. Not bad! I’m learning not to stress over being so far behind. It is what it is, and I’m doing what I can. Breaking the work into manageable lists to be tackled throughout the week has really helped.


Shortly after this was taken, these arugula leaves were placed beneath a salmon fillet and gleefully eaten.

Regarding the peas, I gave up on the ones at the back of the house. I ripped out the poles and commandeered them for the beans and—soon—tomatoes. But not before I plucked a few pods. Though they’re immature, my son enjoys eating them right from the vine. I love that he gets a kick out of eating foods fresh from the garden. It started with beans last year, and he’s liked beans, in most forms, ever since. I hope he never gows tired of the novelty. I know I haven’t.

peas for a snack

Peas for a snack.

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