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Life Gets in the Way

May 4, 2009

If I’ve learned anything in the past five years of owning gardens, it’s that life has a way of encroaching on your best intentions.

Case in point: I haven’t posted in a month. And the most work I have done outside is to turn my compost and two rows of the Suburban Farm. But isn’t that the point of the Suburban Farm? I’m not a farmer; I’m simply trying to incorporate “farming” into my middle-class suburban life.

However, we are still barely into spring. Anything can happen in this fickle New England climate. Though I’m behind with starting my seeds in their trays, Mother’s Day is really the time to put things in the ground. Until then, here is a short list of what I’m thinking of growing this year:

Tomatoes (back by popular demand!)
Peppers (new)
Corn (new)
Wheat (new, and bold!)
Garlic (new)
Pumpkins (encore performance)
Acorn squash (new)
Eggplant (new, but we aren’t sure who will eat it)
Kale (new)
Lettuce (new)
Herbs–basil, cilantro (hoping for better success)
Asparagus (new)
Carrots (new, and hopefully improved)

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